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What do I do


I am a Bangalore-based freelance journalist and a media strategy consultant…. well, more of a journalist I guess and my media strategy stems from my journalistic underpinning.

In a bustling city which thrives on IT flesh and blood, a congested metropolis which breathes in fumes of pollution as well as codes from 150,000 programmers, you can’t be anything else but an IT journalist and that is what I am.

With more than 30 years experience commentating on technology issues, I currently write for leading international publications such as Fortune (Time Warner group, US), Nikkei Electronics Asia (Hong Kong-based Nikkei group), TelecomAsia(Hong Kong) , EE Times, EU (global leader in semiconductor news), The Edge (Malaysia’s leading investment and business weekly) and Global Services Media, (CMP-Cybermedia, India-US).

Those are some of the best publications in the world-wide-web of news and technology – they need no introduction.

Until May 2006, I had been with The Times of India group, a leading publication house in India, for more than 10 years. At The Times of India, Bangalore I had served as Special Correspondent (IT) for nearly eight years in Bangalore and for three years with the group's business daily, The Economic Times in Chennai. Prior to this, I was with the electronic media, Plus Channel ( anchoring a national program called Business Plus). Started my journalistic career with Financial Express, part of the Indian Express group of newspapers in Chennai and was working with them for over seven years.

During my stint with The Times of India, I had interacted with most of the global CEOs of large corporations including Bill Gates (Microsoft), Scott McNealy (Sun Microsystems), Craig Barrett (Intel), Larry Ellison ( Oracle), Tom Engibous (Texas Instruments) David Filo, (Yahoo! co-founder) as well as a number of visiting dignitaries like the ambassador the state of Washington and British Prime Minister, UK Minister for Trade and Commerce, Russian ICT minister, among others.

Among the Indian companies, I have interviewed all the CEOs of the top five Indian software houses such as Infosys Chairman Narayana Murthy, Infosys CEO Nandan Nilekani, Wipro Chief Executive Azim Premji, TCS’ Ramadorai, HCL Chairman, Shiv Nadar and Satyam Computers’ Chairman Ramalinga Raju.

And that is definitely not the end of my journey.

It is the start-ups in technology and the new trends that keep coming up that add grist to the excitement in reporting and that never ends.

Today, there is a complete sense of freedom for me when I realize that it’s only me armed with my experience that I have to contend with. Sometimes there is a little bit of worry that you don’t have a huge organization to fall back upon in case things don’t pan out the way you want them too.. but that just fades away fast when I realize it is my merit that counts and nothing else. And till now, things have been great and getting better each day.

Its fun too. The challenges are several but like they say – “When you enjoy your work it is not work anymore…. its just fun ’n life.”

Today, I believe I have developed and perfected the right skills for effectively communicating any issue - be it a breaking-news story or a human interest feature or a pure-play technology article or an analytical input on a current topic. Am supremely confident that I know what I am talking about – 99.999 per cent of the time. And, what I don’t know about, I just ask the people who know about it – that way I cannot go very wrong, can I?