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Sometimes it is great to have an unusual name – people rarely tend to forget it  (which is good and sometimes not too good – depends on what you would like to be remembered for)

But at least, one thing you can be assured of – a simple google search tells you a lot more than you would have bargained for!

If you do a Google search under the  name of Sufia Tippu that throws up most of the stories I have done. (If you need two-year-old stories when the spelling was Sofia Tippoo—you can get them too providing you don’t get the spelling wrong – double ‘p’s and double ‘o’s).

But, here are some older links too – trying to consolidate them and sort them out by relevance. But somehow I never get down to it --  because a Google or a MSN search is so much simpler—leaves me more time to do more stories.

That is my “present”  for you : A Google search and you can get most of the clippings  – my professional life sure is an open Net.

My writings! (I am still updating this list !)

Indian subscriber boom spawns new players Telecom Asia , March 10, 2008Expanding by eight million subscribers a month, the Indian market is poised to overtake the US as the second-largest mobile market by May this year. However, not all is well as operators scramble to boost ARPU and profitability to survive. .....

World Bank: India, China may be immune to U.S. slowdown

EE Times 01/10/2008 2:14 PM EST

The economies of developing countries are unlikely to be directly affected over the next two years by either the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis or a U.S. economic recession, according to the World Bank's lead economist. ...
Mentor's Rhines sees semis as hope for 2008 EE Times 01/07/2008 1:37 PM ESTThe semiconductor industry is coming off a relatively weak year, and the landscape could be even bleaker. But a sliver of hope might lie in the increased use of semiconductors, said Walden C. Rhines, chairman and CEO, Mentor Graphics.....

Wanted: Indian EE professors

EE Times 12/17/2007 9:00 AM EST

The shortage of engineering teachers in India is even more dire than U.S. observers are aware, Indian academics report. "Unfortunately, if you talk about it, you are dubbed a bad guy, so most of us have stopped talking about it," said Sowmyanarayanan S. Sadagopan ...

NXP to shift more chip development to India

EE Times 10/29/2007 11:05 AM

Development of several product lines at NXP Semiconductors' home electronics division unit are being moved out of Europe, mostly to Asian countries, according to Christos Lagomichos, executive vice president and general manager of the division...
Software Engineers Sharpen Hardware Skills Nikkei Electronics Asia -- September 2007Embedded software engineering is no longer restricted to good programming skills. Today, an in-depth knowledge of how the underlying hardware works is intricately linked with software development....
Now streaming: Bollywood movies, September 28 2007: 2:57 PM (Fortune Magazine) -- Rajjat Barjatya is scripting a new chapter in the history of Bollywood. A grandson of Tarachand Barjatya, who founded India's oldest movie and distribution house, Rajshri Productions, the younger Barjatya, 32, has created India's largest Bollywood portal, with 6,000 hours of movies and Hindi songs. ..

TI taps into Indian design houses

EE Times 10/05/2007 4:59 PM

In his keynote address at the first Embedded Systems Conference (ESC) held in India this week, Gregg Lowe, senior vice president, analog, Texas Instruments, observed that India has come a long way from 2005, when TI chairman Tom Engibous came to Delhi for the global launch of TI's single-chip solution for mobile phones, ....
NXP is looking for acquisitions in India EE Times Europe 05/18/2007 2:24 PMNXP is looking for acquisitions in India according to Frans van Houten, the company's president and chief executive officer. . ..

[India Focus] InSilica Steps Up High-End R&D in Bangalore Center

Nikkei Electronics Asia - Aug 20, 2007

Fabless US semiconductor company InSilica Inc is positioning itself to grab a slice of the ASIC and mobile imaging ASSP market by ramping up its largest design center, in Bangalore, India. , ....
TI's Templeton backs R&D in India, rules out fab EE Times Europe , 04/02/2007 Although the prospect of setting up a manufacturing facility is far from his plans in India, Texas Instruments CEO Rich Templeton is certainly excited about the Indian semiconductor policy that was announced a few weeks ago....

India, the last frontier

EE Times 03/26/2007 9:00 AM EDT

Can India, like China, become the next silicon success story? This seemingly simple question has given birth to a debate that's roared across the global electronics industry since India unveiled broad new financial incentives designed to lure chip makers to the subcontinent last month....

Infineon seen as partner for HSMC's Indian fab

EE Times - 13 mar 2007

BANGALURU, India — Infineon Technologies is likely to be the technology partner in the Indian semiconductor manufacturing plant planned by Hindustan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (HSMC), ....
TI: Pace of Analog Growth Quickens in India Nikkei Electronics Asia -- February 2007The "real-world" is analog, and analog chips provide the means for converting real-world signals such as voice, sound, pressure, temperature, etc, into ones and zeros for the digital world.. ..

India outlines long awaited semiconductor policy

EE Times 02/22/2007 10:55 AM EST

India's long awaited semiconductor manufacturing policy has been announced, paving the way for the country to make its mark on the global semiconductor map....
Bangalore's Autobahn CNN Money - 17 Jan 2007Far from his 18th-century colonial mansion in Philadelphia, Ashok Kheny has been waging a ten-year battle to build a $600 million, 111-kilometer toll road connecting Bangalore to Mysore, the second-largest city in the state of Karnataka. ..

India readies for bandwidth boom

Telecom Asia - 5 Feb 2007

While AT&T has already been operating a successful India business for over six years in alliance with VSNL, the move will enable us to further strengthen our commitment to customers in India....
Cadence India: Facing Down Design Challenges Nikkei Electronics Asia -- January 2007When Cadence India was first established, our work was initially task-oriented and piecemeal, and mostly in the verification domain. You have to keep in mind that we're talking about 15 years ago. ..
Indians talk on mobiles, Chinese telcos rake in the money ITWire - 21 November 2006 Indians talk a lot. They talk more on their mobile phones than their Chinese counterparts.But when it comes to making the cash registers ring, it is the Chinese telco that goes laughing all the way to the bank.....
A fab grows in Hyderabad Fortune Magazine - October 18, 2006 If Vinod Agarwal has his way, Hyderabad, a city known for its pearls and Old World charm, will soon become the capital of India's semiconductor industry. ..
The WiMAX march begins in earnest - Oct 5, 206And, Wi-Max is set to rock and roll – leaving Wi-Fi way behind. Touted as an ideal solution for rural areas which do not have broadband access and a region that services providers shy away from. ..
Yahoo!, Google and MSN serenade Indian users ITwire - Sep 22, 2006Recognizing that they cannot grow faster than the overall Internet market, if they don’t cater to local needs, the Big Three are charting out new routes to increase its hold on the Indian masses...
Time to learn Japanese management techniques ITwire - July 4,2006Moving one step ahead from learning Japanese at Indian centers, the time has arrivedfor a post-graduate program in Japanese management in India. ..
China wants Indian outsourcing crumbs Plex86 - May 26, 2006ImageWhen there is a spillover effect of IT outsourcing from India, which is the country most likely to receive business? ..
Rural areas drive next-phase growth - May 22, 2006That's changing, however, with the introduction of lower-cost network gear, ultra-low cost handsets priced below $30...
Why China and India are ready to chase the rural dollar - May 22, 2006The so-called "digital divide" is either narrowing or widening, depending on who you believe. Deloitte's Technology, Media & Telecommunications industry group, for example, said in a report last month . ..
Companies making broadband simpler TIMES NEWS NETWORK- Apr 16, 2006With broadband users crossing 200 million worldwide and over a million in India, making things simpler for the customer is what all service providers are aiming at...
Now' do 'homework' and get paid TTIMES NEWS NETWORK - Mar 13, 2006 You don't have to go to your office. Work will land in your lap(top).. ..
Ho, Ho, No! Santa bears virus gift TIMES NEWS NETWORK- DECEMBER 23, 2005 If it is coincidence, it is one heck of a timing. The Kolkata-based Xenitis, a relatively small company, advertises its below-Rs 10,000 “Apna PC”.
Polo shirt buyer more likely to reach out for Barbie dolls Times Of India- 27 Aug, 2005What does beer and diapers have in common? Or men’s premium shirts and Barbie dolls? Why are they placed next to each other in some supermarkets? Well, it seems men who buy diapers are usually baby-sitting and they invariably buy a couple of cans of beer. Men who buy premium shirts always land up buying Barbie dolls for their daughters—to feel less guilty for spending a bomb on a shirt for themselves. ....
PC to Fit Common Man's Pocket Daijiworld- 2 Aug, 2005If it is coincidence, it is one heck of a timing. The Kolkata-based Xenitis, a relatively small company, advertises its below-Rs 10,000 “Apna PC”.
India Crushes 7/7 Worm Posing as News Footage Times Of India- 22 July, 2005This particular worm is low-impact; not many cases have been reported in India. "This is because it's a video file and not many in India download video files because of bandwidth constraints," said ...
Murthy is not just a software architect Times News network- 21 July, 2005Do Narayana Murthy and photography go together? Going by the “concrete” results, they sure do.
Why Vivek Paul really quit Wipro Times News network- 1 July,2005What was Premji's reaction when you told him that you would be leaving Wipro?
No thrill in outsourcing: US firms Times News network- 10 June, 2005Majority of US corporates believe that outsourcing improves business processes. Yet many of those corporates are only moderately satisfied with their service providers, according to a survey.
INDIA: TV on mobile soon to become a reality Times News network- 18 May, 2005Want to watch Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin on your mobile? Or the final over of an Indo-Pak ODI cricket match on your cell?
Mega Outsourcing deals shine on Times Of India- 8 feb, 2005 
Infosys' a la hotel programme Times Of India- 17 Jan, 2005 
Judo, the putin way. Times Of India- 5 Dec, 2004

Russian pull of the pure sciences attracts techies. Times Of India- 5 Dec, 2004

The march of the IT brigade. Times Of India- 3 Dec, 2004

Russians smitten by the Bangalore IT bug. Times Of India- 3 Dec, 2004

Crystal gazing, the IT way. Times Of India- 1 Dec, 2004

Phaneesh second case setled for $800,000. Times Of India- 24 Nov, 2004

A view from the watch tower. Times Of India- 21 Nov, 2004

Changing the DNA of quality in India Inc. Times Of India- 20 Nov, 2004

Intel bets big on healthcare: Craig Barrett. Times Of India- 19 Nov, 2004

Target, giant discount retailer sets up first development centre in Bangalore. Times Of India- 18 Nov, 2004

Crashing mobile impact. Times Of India- 9 Nov, 2004

Vinod Dham's VC convoy on India trail. Times Of India- 9 Nov, 2004

Flexronics to acquire Emuzed in a mulit million dollar deal. Times Of India- 9 Nov, 2004

A Bush or Kerry win will impact, says report. Times Of India- 2 Nov, 2004

e4e group to add 2,000 people. Times Of India- 30 Oct, 2004

maran over TN governor row. Times Of India- 30 Oct, 2004

small firms squeeze onto nasscom's big picture. Times Of India- 29 Oct, 2004

e-Mafia grasping you in a vice-like grip. Times Of India- 11 Oct, 2004

Reuters re-writing journalistic rules Times Of India- 7 Oct,2004

Now it is the beginning of the SPO wave. Times Of India- 27 Sep, 2004

Corporate VCs on a tech quest. Times Of India- 20 Sep, 2004

infosys. Times Of India- 16 Sep, 2004

Haque speak. Times Of India- 13 Sep, 2004

Newer breeds in the BPO sector. Times Of India- 13 Sep, 2004

Hardware sees some silver lining. Times Of India- 1 Sep, 2004

Unleashing fun@work. Times Of India- 27 Aug, 2004

Home is where the work is.. Times Of India- 25 Aug, 2004

The new Dobbs missile Times Of India- 24 Aug, 2004

Akshaya evolves to touch life of every man Times Of India- 19 Aug, 2004

Bangalore to become market analysis hub Times Of India- 12 Aug, 2004

Broadband calls the shots. Times Of India- 7 Aug, 2004

infosys launches Rs 10-cr campus connect initiative. Times Of India- 27 Jul, 2004

IT firms simmer over city's infrastructure Times Of India- 24 Jul, 2004

i-gate in black with a PAT of Rs 11 lakhs. Times Of India- 14 Jul, 2004

watch out for PCs from a-Far East. Times Of India- 9 Jul, 2004

Man Friday at Big Blue. Times Of India- 4 Jul, 2004

IBM India gets a new head. Times Of India- 2 Jul, 2004

World's No.1 VC nourishes pharma passion. Times Of India- 28 Jun, 2004

CK Prahalad. Times Of India- 17 Jun, 2004

Tejas propelled by local telecom market. Times Of India- 15 Jun, 2004

Domestic BPO to perk up soon Times Of India- 14 Jun, 2004

State IT exports touch $4 billion in 2003-04. Times Of India- 1 Jun, 2004

Nokia's OEM to set up first manufacturing unit Times Of India- 1 Jun, 2004

Silicon Valley pause over IndiaTimes News Network,May 25, 2004Ten thousand miles away, the overseas Indian network in the Silicon Valley bristles with caution-lined excitement over the change of guard at the Centre.

Overseas Indians in Silicon Valley watch and wait Times Of India- 22 May, 2004

i2 Technologies gets $100 million investment Times Of India- 29 Apr, 2004

Spectramind adds fire to Wipro's growth Times Of India- 16 Apr, 2004

Wipro too crosses the $1 billion mark - results. Times Of India- 16 Apr, 2004

They do the same thing but yet are so different. Times Of India- 16 Apr, 2004

Wipro to cross $1 billion mark. Times Of India- 15 Apr, 2004

Infosys sets up subsidiary in USTimes News Network, April 08, 2004 How do furniture makers produce ergonomically designed chairs? And, automobile manufacturers design cars that are safe to drive?

Infy mulls a bonus issue or stock split Times of India- 6 Apr, 2004

No panic button reaction at Senate move against offshoring Times of India- 5 Mar, 2004

The broader DSL band Times of India- 29 Jan, 2004

India could soon be a chip manufacturing destination Times of India- 29 Jan, 2004

Wipro beats street expectations Times of India- 21 Jan, 2004

Wipro's Japan connection, the Sakikibara way Times of India- 20 Jan, 2004

Deal size shrinks for IT firmsTimes News Network, January 07, 2004Animation is the latest buzz at Mediaworks , a separate division of Tata Elxsi.

Cyber watchdogs to get stronger teethThe Economic Times, November 28, 2003 US-based Internet Security Alliance (ISA) is in talks with the Society for Electronic Transactions and Security (SETS) to set up a cyber security body to monitor and create awareness of virus incidents taking place across the world.

Smart messaging platform for enterprises TIMES NEWS NETWORK, OCTOBER 03, 2003Innovative software solutions, that leverage the vast amount of information available from the transactions and disparate data sources so that enterprises can get real time intelligence, are on a high

Tata Elxsi’s inroads into animationThe Times of India, February 17th, 2003Says Nandan Nilekani, CEO, Infosys, "The future is towards bundling business solutions which essentially help companies to meet their business goals, gain competitive advantage, reduce cost and cycle time, improve customer relationship.

Bhoomi will open gateway to villager's worldTHE TIMES OF INIDA, September 26, 2002The Karnataka Bhoomi project, the only scheme in the country to have computerised 20 million land records, is no longer going to remain just that. It is becoming the core nucleus that will connect the villager to the world around him.

A Linux lining on corporate cloudsTimes News Network, Sept 23, 2002Linux seems to be the right choice not only communication gateway makers but also for Indian smaller companies developing services and application for offices.

Maruti pact with GE for strengthening CRMTIMES NEWS NETWORK,JANUARY 24, 2002maruti is strengthening its crm (customer relationship management) drive. the company has entered into a strategic alliance with ..

IT ccompanies at CentrestageThe Hindu, December 31, 2001It was a war of sorts among several top–notch IT companies at the one-day corporate cultural event, Centrestage, organized by the Technology Media Group (TMG) here recently.

Managing Education Through Automation September 20, 2001, The Times of IndiaFor the US-based educational management solutions provider, Sallie Mae, India is very much on course with its aggressive global expansion programme.

Use and usabilityAug 2001, Times Of IndiaInfosys is donning the consultancy armour to take on the five titans of the consulting world - on their own turf.

Rural folks might just be latest Netizens 20 June 2001A telephone kiosk bundled with Internet access in Harappanahalli, a remote village in the heart of Karnataka, and 23-year-old Gavisidappa whose father has been engaged in silk worm breeding for decades

Nurturing 'ideal' Product CompanyTimes of India - April 26, 2001The developer works on the product through its life cycle, learns the evolution of the product, checks out he marketing exposure and finally gets onto the maintenance track which continues throughout its lifecycle. S.Sundararajan, senior consultant, FLEXCUBE Product Development, i-flex solutions limited tells Sofia Tippoo ....

Ex-TI India head floats DSP venture Times of India, Bangalore - 01 Jan 2001The new venture started by Srini Rajam, who till yesterday was the managing director of Texas Instruments India, is taking concrete shape.

Net empowerment of business Bangalore, October 26, 2000, Times of, a comprehensive business-to-business (B2B) infomediary, is giving a value-add to its virtual marketplace for buyers and sellers.